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: I got a new job today (in addition to the one I already have). I'm not exactly sure what I'm doing, but it's a pizza/pasta place in the same cafeteria where I work on the grill on the other days of the week. It's a lot of hours, which is both good and bad. Hopefully, I will survive.

Trying really hard to stay on top of school. I have a paper due Friday and I've been working on it every day since Saturday (it's done but not long enough). The days shrink quickly when I have class all morning, work all afternoon, and do homework the rest of the time. hmm... sleeeeeep.

Only in Provo, and it's about time: "Please don't write on the sidewalks." In chalk.

The Elms has invested in a life preserver that appears to actually have a chance at preserving life.

My finance professor, on property taxes: Mosquitoes are no respector of political boundaries.

I started my new job at Tomassito's today. I got to throw pizza dough in the air. A lot. We had a huge order today so some extra people came in. Normally, I guess I work the first two hours alone. heh. oh well.


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