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: Indeed, I am assigned to an hour and a half of complete control over Tomassito's three times a week. Fun. I only got one order, so not a big deal. A rather boring deal, actually. Most of it. I am getting pretty good and throwing pizzas though. Well, I almost dropped one today. heh.

I got a lot done tonight, which is good because I have a lot to do this weekend. Tomorrow morning my hometeacher is going to listen to the noise my accelerator has been making. I can think of six or seven things that need to be done related to my car. bleh. Assessment paper, Optimism book. paaaaay check next Friday.

: Susie: I almost took that as an insult but then I remembered I was a girl.

Today was a very long day that I rather wish hadn't happened. I didn't exactly get much done. Sitting in my room listening to The Wedding Singer soundtrack, full of Del Taco, getting ready to go to bed.


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