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: Long week, ahead and behind. Work and training classes and meetings and program activities and Enrichment and two huge papers to write and bleh. I tried to get my oil changed today, but there was a two hour wait. There will probably always be a two hour wait, but that is the only time I can go. It's also Homecoming and Nate wants to go the Spectacular and I do too, but I'm so tired and it's only Tuesday and I've already slept through 471 twice in a row (it's cancelled on Thursday, for my benefit, I'm sure). Tomorrow I have class from 10-2, work from 2-630 and an activity from 630-830. BLEH

Oh enough complaining. We had Happy Thought tonight, which was very nice. Nathan came over and we did homework together. I'm actually going to be in bed by 12. The only assignment I have due this week is done. I can got to bed soon. My assessment paper is started. sleeeeeep


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