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: Last night I locked my keys in the trunk of my car. The best part of it was that I had parked as close to campus (far away from my house) as possible so we could meet at my car to go see Les Mis at OHS tonight.

Kyra, Julie, Nathan and I, went to see Les Mis at OHS tonight. It was good, especially for a high school production of Les Mis, which sounds a little scary at first. But I enjoyed it. Then we went to Taco Time and had empanadas with David.

I, and also David who works in a different area of the Cannon Center, have a meeting at 9 AM tomorow. What are they trying to do to us?? I also have to write an analysis of the Child Depression Inventory. However, today I talked my english professor into letting me use a similar paper on the same topic for my research paper for that class. Yay! Less work!


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