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: *Bleh* what a long week. I had to get up and finish my paper this morning because I was so tired from sled hockey. I know you're wondering why I just finished a paper that's due in 40 minutes, but I started it three weeks ago. So there.

I'm going to come home and sleep after work today, and then finish up the paper I have due tomorrow. bleh. My car is fixed (sort of) so at least I get to see Nathan (yay!)

: I'm exhausted and my feet are killing me, but I am trying to stay awake long enough for my laundry to finish drying, and writing my research prospectus in the meantime.

Good news: I finished my assessment paper last night, got it all turned in and did my presentation this morning. I answered everyone's questions with reasonable intelligence, showing I had actually done the research, and everyone seemed pretty interested. Actually, I was interested in everyone else's, which doesn't sound very plausible. I mean, who cares about assessments?

Once my paper is finished and my laundry is put away, I can go back to bed. mmmmm I'm so glad this week is over. Tomorrow we are (supposedly) eating a pizza susie will make at work and going to the corn maze (aaaah I hate scary stuff but Nathan and my roommates really want to go).

: Julica's birthday is on Saturday. I took her grocery shopping today for her present. She has no food! Well, now she does. I had a really good day, despite still being extremely tired. Bleh. Tomorrow's gonna be a pretty long day too because we are going to the Corn Maze right after work, but I am going to sleep and sleep on Saturday.

I also voted today. yay for voting. I didn't even vote for all of the offices because so many of the candidates were idiots. I only had one real opinion- yay after-school programs!- but I do have the opinion that voting is important even if you don't really otherwise care.


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