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: So, tonight we all went to the Corn Maze. It was a pretty interesting experience. I started crying five minutes into the haunted one (Julie was pushing "people" and yelling for them to go away) so we didn't do that one. The normal maze was.. well a big maze made out of corn. We made it pretty far, but we weren't even sure where we were supposed to be going so we turned around and found our way back the way we came in.

The best part was the Haunted Hayride Barnyard thing. I think I was the least scared person on the whole truck, mostly cause I wasn't looking and it's really really funny if you just hear what people yell at the scary people. One guy kept saying "you look like my grandma." One girl, so cute, called "you can tell that's fake, mister!" to a person who threw a fake, tied-down hay bale at us.

We came out relatively unharmed, considering we had two roofs collapse on us, three chainsaw men run after us, spiders, dead bodies, a blow torch and a live pig held over our heads... poor pig. We found that unsafe and disgusting. poor pig. The impaled bodies weren't the lovliest either. Oh yeah, and they tried to set us on fire. Twice. Poor haunted farmworkers. They need to get real jobs.

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