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: I had such a good night. Nathan and I just sat and talked for several hours, and cuddled a lot. Out front room is full of lots of people cuddling lately... Tom & Kristen, me & Nathan, Julie & Carrie, Kyra & David...

David's mission call got moved up to December 4. He is missing two weeks of school! Speaking of mission calls, I got to see Lisa tonight. She is going into the MTC tomorrow, on her way to Romania. I love you, Lisa! I hear the orphanage for Section 2 kids is almost done being built. I also hear it was paid for by the church (or by the "Liahona Foundation"; non Romanian Orthodox churches are illegal in Romania). Speaking of people from Romania, I got Jamie's wedding invitation today. Speaking of wedding invitations, Tom and Kristen were picking out engagement pictures today. I showed Kristen Becky's invitation and she loves it.


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