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: Hmm, it's Tuesday. The rough draft of my research paper is due tomorrow. Am I working on it? No. I want to read through it one more time, do some more revisions, but I am tired. I'd also rather do it on a hard copy, and I don't have a printer. So I will just do my own revisions on my peer review copy tomorrow.

I can't believe how much time I have spent on this paper. I assume I'll get a good grade because I have done well on everything else in the class, with very little effort. Which kinda sucks because I think I really truly earned a good grade this time. Well, we'll see.

Today Nathan and I bought tickets for Harry Potter (on Friday) and The Two Towers (on December 18th). Yay! I also got my glasses fixed, worked on Kyra's birthday present (a recipe box), and bought groceries. Nathan slept on our couch. He has been sick for over a month I think. Poor boy. Well, I'd best get to work on... something or another.

How Cute: My visiting teacher (yes, as in the girl who cleaned the bathroom for me on Saturday... well, actually, the other one) brought by some ice cream and a note for me while I was running errands with Nathan. How sweet and wonderful and thoughtful is that???

Speaking of cute... Susie: I look like trash. Nathan: Cute trash!... Now I say "cute trash" all the time.


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