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: In the past hour I finished all of my sections of two group projects due this week. yay! I have half of a paper left to do for Wednesday and a couple tests (finals). yay! I am almost done with school.

I just said I'd work for someone next Wed 7-11 AM. I'm only working two hours of my normal shift that day because I am going to see LoTR!!! that night. I was hoping to get more hours next week anyway. It's kind of early and I'll have to cook eggs, but I need the money, so yay.

I can't believe I'm done with this semester. I'll go finish my paper so I can actually truthfully say that. Be right back... Nevermind. I forgot I gave Chris my disks so he could finish his part of the project. I also remembered another assignment due today I haven't done yet. Bleh.


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