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: Took my 471 test today... the testing center system is down and I can't find out my score!!! Kristen got hit by a car last night (she's getting married in 10 days). She's fine, except she landed on her face and you can tell. On the bright side, I didn't figure book buyback into my budget and I got about 2/3 of my money back. That's especially good since I only bought the books I actually used. Time for work, and then sugar cookies!

: I finally got a sub for Wednesday night. Nathan was getting really anxious about being able to go see LoTR. Luckily, Beth was able to work for me. I thought of another thing for my Christmas list: toothpaste. I am rather particular though, so maybe I'll just buy it myself.

It's raining here. It hailed for about 45 seconds, but no snow. How sad. I should go to bed. I'm tired. I sure am busy considering I only have one more test to take.


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