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: Mmm... I shouldn't write about cheesecake because everytime I see it I want more. I'm at the library with Julie. She went with me to rent my skis, which is good because I couldn't carry all that junk by myself. When Kyra gets off work, we're going shopping for Kristen&Tom. I need to do some Christmas shopping too, now that I know what *some* people want. Others I still have no clue (as usual). I remembered something we were going to buy Mom for Christmas last year except that we forgot about it.

I did my powerpoint presentation for Friday. Nothing special. I need to practice it though (roommates=guinea pigs). The boys in my class said I would need to buy a ZIP disk but it's only 50KB (thubba ti ti ti).

I am excited to buy Christmas presents. I love shopping for other people! If only I had money... and any idea what to buy.


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