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: Exciting things in my life... We finally got ahold of the medical records for our kids. All of mine are between 2 y. 7 m. and 5 y. 4 m. Today I started volunteering at Centru Maternas which is a place for young mothers who have nowhere else to go to help them get on their feet. A lot of the girls have classes at these certain times so some of us can come and help with the babies. It's fun to work with babies after playing with older kids all day.

Tomorrow we are going on a 10-12 hour trip to visit some monasteries. It's been really warm here and the sun has shown itself for almost two weeks. Ok lots more exciting stuff has happened that that. My little girl (not the one who leaves me with bruises) has started babbling to me. My little violent girl is still violent. They sent us five new kids from Section 1, which is ridiculous because Section 4 is HUGE and we have no room for them. My baby wouldn't walk for me today or yesterday. I was sick all weekend and Monday and Tuesday so I didn't go to work. (as opposed to being sick the past three days and going to work anyway).

In Iasi, if you run out in front of a car, they will stop for you. Semi-trucks (which are only allowed to drive on the street we live on) are a different story. And trams, although a tram stopped for us today. But mostly, even if they come really close, the cars will stop. The problem with this is that if you run out in front of a car in Provo, you get hit. Since we can't cross the street without running out in front of a car here, we're going to get used to it and then all get hit by cars when we get back to Provo. That's what worries me.

BYU paid us back a bunch of money they shouldn't have made us pay in the first place and they paid it back in LEI. So now I have 7 million lei lying around my room again, losing value as we speak. Dumping it into our student accounts is the least they could have done. Where did they get an idea like giving it to us in lei?

Last night the sister missionaries from Bacao stayed in Tatarasi where I was waiting for Kristen to come home from Spitalul and we had nice Americans-in-Romania bonding time. It was good to hear that people think they're crazy too (for coming here). Yesterday I had a woman laugh when I told her I loved being here. Today, this same woman laughed at me when I commented to a baby (in Romanian) that she couldn't sit up by herself. It odd for them I guess that people would come here to help, bother to learn the language, and enjoy doing all of the above.

Well this all sounds like random complaints but really I'm still having a great time. It's nice to be volunteering at the mother's home because then I have something to do besides language and three hours at Section 2. Next week Lacramoiara is getting us the social work records of our kids (what institutions they've been in, what are their families like, etc) as well as asking permission for us to start working in the afternoons and take pictures.

: The other day, my youngest little boy was not only wearing the orange overalls, but the Barbie sweater too! Today Violent Girl was wearing some weird shirt that looked like it had directions for putting together a motorcycle on it. My English is deteriorating and I'm actually getting used to eating bread cheese yogurt and juice for eight meals a day. Just kidding, we eat lots of animal crackers and chio chips cu smantana si ceapa and ciocolata... si sometimes daca we're lucky, we make dinner although I can think of one roommate who would yell at me if she saw I put "we" there.


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