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: Today we got up and went to Section 2 like a normal day except it was Saturday and we got to take pictures, which are two pretty abnormal things about us going to Section 2. Lacra came and talked to Doamna Doctor, who said she didn't care anyway. She likes us, especially now that we come in the evenings. She knows we really care about the kids. So we spent 3 hours taking pictures and filming our kids. It was so much fun. We even took pictures in the playrooms and the cribrooms. The workers in our filtrul helped us try and make the kids smile and were generally pretty helpful about it. As long as they don't tell Inspector Child-Protection-Agency-Spy.

My kids are so cute! We took about 12 rolls of film in to be developed. We took some black-and-white photos too, but we can't get those developed here. So cute! Lisa's kid who can talk and has finally learned all of our names- we got the cutest pictures of him "da-m pup"ing (giving us kisses). I took some of them throwing fits and bawling in the playroom too. General "life in a casa de copii" pictures. I'm really excited to get them back! We were a little sad about the clothes they were wearing. None of my kids wore particularly cute outfits, but they also weren't wearing silly clothes like the orange overalls or the Barbie sweater. And most of them had snot all over their faces. Figures.


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