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: Today was one of those days that make me blank. Because we expected things to be so bad here, all the good things made us so excited. But in the past few days I've been noticing things that are more like what I expected working in a Romanian institution to be like. Since my little gypsy baby is still sick, I asked if I could just take him into the cribroom to play with him. So I spent and hour in the cribroom this week. There are nine cribs and ten kids. Today there were two kids in there, I think the workers were just too lazy to deal with them. One of them is seven and was actually acting like he'd been institutionalized his whole life, like in the films and it was scary. I also saw a couple of the workers being mean to the kids. One lady was being impatient with the kid I was holding and then apologized profusely when she accidentally hit me with a rag. I was really mad because I cared way more about her hurting my kid than having a rag touch me, or being spit up on. Well, we have to work with these people (most of them are super nice all the time and they all love the kids) so I am trying to forget about all the bad stuff that happens. We all left work traumatized tonight. There was just a lot of stuff going on.

Yesterday, Doina made me and Kristen dinner. She made us go into the physical therapy room and practically served us. The food was all really good (luckily, because we wouldn't have been able to refuse anything). She is the nicest lady! We made her chocolate chip cookies today. The workers (not just the ones in our filtru) are really starting to like us. Doamna Doctor and the directoare and even the cleaning lady (who doesn't like us because we have muddy shoes) are nice to us. The doctor and the director were both really impressed that we come in the evenings, and she also knew that we had come on Saturday. She said we were "conscientious."

Today Lacra corrected my English. Actually, in all fairness, I corrected her English too (she said eligible and meant legible). She took me to the doctor and to the farmacia. It was really interesting. The doctor was this older woman with purple hair who looked at me and said "Greu. Foarte greu." (very difficult) when Lacra told her I worked at the centru de plasament. She also told me to walk around barefoot when I get home from work, "like at home in California in the sand." That's Lacra's translation of course, but we learned how to say "sand" last week, so it must be pretty close.

I had two people kiss me today, Section 2 workers though, not scary street people like those who try and kiss Emily. The tram-ticket-seller-lady and I had an entire conversation in Romanian. She talked and I said "da" a lot. Those are most of my conversations in Romanian. Occasionally there are some "I don't speak Romanian"s in there. I also talked with Doina and Lucian a couple times. It's really fun to be able to talk to people. I'm sick of talking to the same people all the time.

We had the missionaries over for dinner on Sunday. It was pretty interesting. They're not allowed to eat at the members' homes, but for some reason, we're exceptions. They probably know we're not going to serve them cow brains. We made a TON of really super yummy food and ate it all and goofed off for a couple hours. We're so excited for them to come over again, because we never ate so well here. And, like I said, we're sick of talking to the same people all the time. I'm glad we can finally socialize with the workers.

: Quote of the Day: Elder: You have to understand, I'm not used to having conversations in English. Kristin: You'd better get used to it because when you're mission's over you're going to have to talk in English.

This is by far my most expensive emailing venture. I've just been sitting around reading old emails (really OLD) and now I'm about to fall asleep. I still have a ton of stuff to do tonight. Like write in my journals. Like write letters (that's what I was up late last night doing). Like clean my room. Like read scriptures. I could be up all night doing that stuff, but I'll probably go to bed in two hours (that's 2330 and that's really late). Pa, pe timpul viitoare! Pofta buna si distractie placute! Va iubesc tare mult! pa pa prietenii mei!


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