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: I can't believe it's Thursday. already. Quote of the Day: Stephanie: Hai sa run! ok that's not even funny if you know Romanian, but we thought it was funny. Today at work there were two ladies of some non-Romanian nationality who spoke English and talked to us. They were impressed that we knew Romanian. They took some of our kids in the physical therapy room for them. I had to bring my little girl in there because she wouldn't go to the psychologist and I just put her down on the floor and she had eight people staring at her and she was probably very scared. She was wearing a pioneer dress, but I probably shouldn't have said that in front of anyone because "Pioneers" have a different connotation here (little communist scouts).

Kristen and I went to McDonald's again last night. Tonight maybe I'll actually make dinner. Depends on if we leave Section 2 feeling like crap again. Stinking workers. Roberta Magarrell is coming to visit us on the first of March (which is also the first day of Spring and a big holiday here). She is our internship advisor. She wants to spend individual time with all of us, which means she's coming to work, and she's going to take us all out to dinner and we're going to eat tons and tons, on BYU of course.

I'm going home in two months from tomorrow (59 days). Time is going by so fast! It's all a big blur. Every day mushes into all the other ones, except sometimes we do things out of the ordinary like buy pastries or go to movies. mmmm pastries... as a wise girl once said, we're "sacrificing ourselves to the pastry gods to make good pillows for our children." Va pup!


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