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: To anyone who's asked if I've been peed on again: First of all, I wasn't actually peed on the first time, I was just holding a baby who had soaked through the two cloth "diapers" she was wearing (they put the kids in towel-like diapers (or Pampers or plastic bags or plastic pants or just clothes)). I actually did get peed on though. In the past two weeks my three-year-old girl has peed on me twice and once on the floor. She just sat on me and peed. It was pretty funny, at least the second time it was. By that point I was already soaking wet so I just played with her anyway. Kristen didn't think it was so funny when the girl just peed on the floor right in front of her, but that was pretty funny too.

This probably all sounds very disgusting to people who aren't working in a Romanian institution, but really, I'm getting used to it. Kristen says not to tell anymore "getting used to it" examples, but I've got them.

Yesterday we had to jump off of a moving tram. It started moving and we weren't off of it so we had to jump. It was a cultural experience. Today we went to Little Texas and we all had two desserts. It was very yummy. We took some cute pictures too and soon I will actually get to see them. We are going dancing on Friday night. Kristen and I are leaving if it sucks. We are leaving at the time I normally go to bed. Steve tried to get us to go tonight and last night. He doesn't realize that we have better things to do (like get up and go to Section 2).


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