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: Last night we went to this Irish restaurant called "Ginger Ale". It was really yummy. We saw some Americans there, the only real Americans we've seen here besides the missionaries. They were checking out a project their church has here. This morning we went to the Turkish Bazar and I bought clothes for my baby (as in the one I don't have yet). Then we went to the church and fingerpainted. The paint smelled like the cadaver lab and the Elders came in eating McDonald's in front of us, but it was really fun. My (huge) picture is coming home with me.

I went to Section 2 in the evening for the first time yesterday. It was really really good, except that Dacia is pretty scary at night. There were way fewer workers and the kids were calmer. We just sat and played in the hall. Plus maybe now I will actually get enough hours for my internship. 2 1/2 a day wasn't going to cut it. I am really excited to spend more time with my kids even though it is exhausting.


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