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: We all had a great time on our "o pauza" in Brasov. The only bad thing is that now we all need an o pauza from our o pauza, because it was so busy. We made a discotec in our train compartment on the way back up. (ingredients: Two Kristens, one Lacra, a Susie and a Lisa. Starve and bore thoroughly). We are back at work now and having lots of fun doing that. We took kids outside today, they were so cute! The sun is so good for them, and they can explore and play with kids from other filters. Two of my kids are in the hospital for infectious diseases (there must be thousands of hospitals in Iasi). Lacra got really upset when I called and "nonchalantly" asked where it was so I could visit them. She says our vaccinations (and good hygiene) won't completely protect us against some strains of Hepatitis the US government appears to be unaware of. Because unless I turn into a vampire, CDC assures me I am pretty dang safe. I might just go anyway.


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