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: Ah, the life of the rebel intern. Lacra's mad because Kristen and I went to a hospital she said she told us not to go to (that's not exactly what she said). Two of my kids are sick and they need me (if we weren't visiting them, they'd have no toys, water, clothes, or diapers) and we know it's safe. So thibit. Poor kids. Poor Lacra. We feel bad that's she's mad, but we disagree with her. And those kids really need us there. One good thing; we can take pictures in the hospital, and those are the two kids I have terrible pictures of. Well, we're also getting to know some nice ladies in the room with the boys, and having a cultural experience, and severely bonding with some severely bored kids.

Romania seems to have a hospital for everything. We must pass four hospitals on the way to this one from the tram stop. And I can name six more off the top of my head. Today I got a letter from my grandparents and a card from Shannon. It made my day.

The weather's really nice here. We've been taking some of our kids outside. I took out my blind girl today. She didn't know quite what to do, and kept making sure I was still there, but I think tomorrow she will be more curious. The workers take out big groups of kids to run around too. Sun is good for the kids! And non-institutionalized air!


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