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: Today was the director's birthday and we brought her flowers and sang to her in English. She and doamna doctor and Alis (who is probably also a doamna doctor) are back from Hungary and the invited us to go see the program they went to see, except that involves leaving the country which our visas technically don't allow us to do, although we can get around it, and we're all willing to, to go to Hungary and to see the program they saw.

I got a letter from Elder Tenney today. Even though you can't see it, I'm sure the look on my face says it all.

Roberta is coming to visit us at work tomorrow. We are also going up to the University (of Iasi) to talk to a psychology class about our work. Roberta wants to get students here involved in our program so there is some carry-over between semesters and because we won't always be here. She wants them to come work along side us. In the hallway. There isn't room for that, but maybe she hasn't tried to sit on the floor there for six hours a day yet.

Primavara Fericita! I got five Martisoare, from Lacra, Doina (a lady at work), the non-stop, Melanie and Nicol (a student we know). And I got some hyacinths from Stephanie and Kristen. Hai sa mergem acasa, noapta buna! Actually, o zi buna, because for most of ya'll out there, it's 1130 AM. =)

Kristin: I wish we could take the tram through the McDonald's drive-thru.


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