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: Researching Retinal Detachment. Writing a 2 1/2 week late email to my professors. oops. We're supposed to email them every week. We're supposed to do a lot of things. Like stay in the country. Like write papers. Roberta came over to our house today, while Kristen and I were at work, even though we told her we were going to go to work after the University (which went really well, by the way; I got up and spoke in front of a class full of Romanians (Lacra translated). It was a psychology class on children with special needs, something I wish I had taken, or could take.) I would feel bad, but I don't because I would rather do my work than have it evaluated. I'd rather see improvements in my kids than my grade. Besides, the credits I actually need are pass/fail. So thubba-ti-ti-ti.

Elder Sommerfeldt called last night and started talking to me in Romanian. (Stephanie later asked why I didn't hang up and I said "because I could understand him.") We had a whole conversation in Romanian, he said he was impressed with my speaking. His is way better, but he pointed out that he's been here for a year and a half. He was asking Kristen to speak at the baptism tonight, in case anyone was wondering why the missionaries call us all the time. We give them food and help them out of jams, that's why.

Kristen:Psst... Lacra! You have a glitter moustache!


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