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: Mergem la Brasov! Yay! Avem nevoie de-o pauza foarte mare si lang. Mergem cu trenul la 1219 dupa-amiaza. O sa stam acolo patru zile. Sper ca o sa skiam pentru ca nu am skiat niciodata. O sa ma imbrac cu "tennis shoes" la biserica dominica. O sa ne distram foarte minunat! (We're going to Brasov. yay! We need a very big and long break. We are going by train at 1219 this afternoon. We will stay there for four days. I hope we will go skiing because I have never skied. I will wear tennis shoes to church on Sunday. We will have ourselves wonderful fun!)

You didn't think I knew that much Romanian, did you? Well I do. I am really excited to go. It was so nice to wander around the city today just running errands and not really worrying about anything. Even though I woke up the same time as if we had actually gone to work (heh). I'm in a good mood because I got lots of emails and I am getting a break from work.

Yesterday we visited another orphanage, for kids 10-17. It was so nice! Steve complained that it was like a prison because of the rules they had, but it was nicer than any other place I've been here, except for church. Lots of light, and plants and room. There are ten people in a room and they have cupboards they can lock and they can cook in the kitchen if they want to, and siblings live together, although boys and girls sleep in separate rooms still. Just cause Steve's parents let him run around wild. And he can't stand to be in any of the places we work.

I can hardly believe, sometimes, the ignorance of some of the people here regarding the only aspect of their country I really know. Well, regular people aren't allowed to just walk into orphanages. And most of the aspects of the orphanages and the hospitals which make us sick aren't part of the institution- they're part of the culture. When the workers hit the kids and stuff, or treat them meanly, or don't (can't) see the good we're doing, it only looks cruel to us. They don't think they're doing anything wrong because they don't know any other way. For those of us working at Section 2 we have the excellent advantage of staff who can see that we love the kids and who have noticed their improvements as well.


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