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: Brasov is really nice. The train ride was long and fairly boring. The hotel is a bit scary although nicer than anticipated. It's also $10 per person per night and comes with and actual real breakfast (eggs, eggs, or eggs). We went to the children's hospital today and shopping. I spent really a lot of money. We also took a teleferic (cable car) up the mountain. Took lots of pictures. Visited the Black Church, the largest in Eastern Europe or something like that. Bought peanut butter. It's really nice not to be working and in Iasi. Iasi is dirtierm poorer, boringer than here. Of course, Brasov is a touristy town (it's a ski resort). We saw part of the residential area while on the bus, and that looks more like Iasi, but there is way more traffic and the taxi/car ratio is smaller.

Tomorrow we are going for a drive to visit two other nearby towns. We will tour some castles (really big cool ones!) and buy lots of traditional souvenirs and gifts and things. Sunday we are going to part of church and then spending the rest of the day on the train. Monday we are going back to work. I miss my kids, of course, but I am really enjoying my break.


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