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: Today was Picture Day at both Sections. We took lots of pictures. I got some of the workers too, only nice workers that were there today. Then the mean worker yelled at us when we came to videotape. Grr. I am the only one whose kids would be good enough that I got pictures of all of them together. I'm excited. I am getting one roll developed and hopefully I'll still have enough money to make it without getting more from the ATM.

I got bit the other day. I have two little teeth marks on my shoulder that Kristen says will probably be there for the rest of my life. Kristin's little blind boy also gave me a good whopping in the eye, and my glasses cut me. I also have potential scars from the same boy today, and an unexplainable but painful bruise on my arm. It was a pretty violent week.

Last night Kristin and I went to see Fratii Inelului (The Fellowship of the Ring). It was very interesting because the Elvish was translated into Romanian so we could see what it said. Although now that I think about it, there may have been English subtitles at that point. I understood it a lot more this time because I read the second book so I know who the people and places are and stuff.

Tomorrow is our last day in the Iasi Branch. I am sad because they have been so nice to us, and the Elders for having to translate all the time. We are supposed to be having a Branch picnic but it's raining outside. Mmm, doesn't McDonald's sound yummy? On my list of things I learned in Romania: Yummy is a relative term.


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