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: Today was Stake Conference and then I cooked. I made Romanian "Oriental Salad" ("Do they have potatoes in the Orient?" asks Rachel) and Sora Stoica's Prajitura cu mere. Then I made some German Soft Pretzels. They were so yummy! Rachel and I have big plans to make some (a lot) and freeze them.

Here's the best part. I made 12 pretzels and left them on the counter to rise. I let Gretel lick the bowl and told her she could have a bite once they were cooked but they weren't very yummy or good for her raw. So then Gretel walks by licking her chops and I run to the kitchen and what do I see but FOUR missing pretzels!!!! Man that dog is going to be feeling bloated tonight. AND it was more than her fair share. Mom kicked her out and she went out pretty good. I think she knew she had done somthing wrong.

Gretel got to come back in when we had cooked and eaten all of the prezels. She looked over at the counter and back at me. Hehe. Then when I walked by she was tiptoeing around trying to see where they had gone.


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