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: I have joined the creative dream circle. This morning I dreamt that we were moving into the Louvre, except it looked more like a junk yard. Mom sent me and Rachel into this building (that's how we found out it was the Louvre) to find something to build a fence with so we could move the horse in. There, in a library or something, were Mr. Nelson and Mr. Wilmot, my high school chemistry and physics teachers. People were going all over the place on escalators, and I think I got left behind because I wasn't packed at some point. I dream about that a lot, that I'm not packed for a trip or something. I dreamt that before going to Romania; I had only brought one skirt. I only ended up bringing two, one of which I didn't wear, so I think it would have turned out ok in that case. You remember weird things when you're woken up by a dog licking your nose.

Speaking of dog, she brought me a [green] tomato and put it on the bathroom rug. I also found the dish with the eggs in it. It was outside. Doggie and I are going to Riverside now to go on a picnic with Rachel and to help her move some of her stuff home.

: One thing I really hate about Bakersfield heat (it's actually only been in the low 90s since last week) is how it's still hot after it gets dark. I feel like there should be a nice cool breeze when it's dark. I dislike going walkies in the stiffling heat that should be reserved for 12-3 pm.

Had a lovely time in Riverside. Gretel only threw up once. She didn't believe we were going to see Rachel but she was pretty excited once Rachel actually appeared. She also had a good time running around the park tied to a tree with a 25 foot leash. My left arm is quite sunburnt.

I killed my first black widow yesterday (unless you count the one I pointed out to mom, who then killed it). Mom bought me this cool toy that squirts poison up to four feet. Although, it doesn't kill on contact like it says; it takes about 15 or 20 seconds. I've been arming myself with it everytime I go into the garage, just in case that spider comes out again, and I finally got it. The world can go round in safety now, never knowing the danger it was in.


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