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: Today I taught my last Primary lesson (on Reverence) and actually managed to (accidentally) be insensitive about Father's Day to a little girl whose parents just got divorced. Well she didn't seem too broken up about it.

: mom's description of a SAT 9 classroom reminded me, and she may agree, of the house I lived in the last time I lived in Utah. I am leaving for Utah around 430 Thursday morning. I'm almost all packed, and it's going to fit quite nicely in my car (especially considering it took me three trips to bring it all home last time). My apartment complex is letting me move in on Thursday and although I don't know where I am living yet, they said they would be trying to group people by age.

My classes for Summer Term start Monday, June 24th. I am taking Management of Leisure Services and Family History and Genealogy. I think I am going to drop the 1 credit class I was taking to be a full-time student since I didn't get any financial aid requiring me to be so. I'm excited to get back into the "swing" of things. I am once again moving into a new apartment complex and a new ward, with all new roommates and all new everything. I've probably already said that but I don't care. How can people go through college with the same three roommates and I've already had 39?


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