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: Ok. I actually have time to sit in front of a computer and not worry about fixing my schedule (for this semester at least... now Fall is all messed up). This was quite the disaster, although it would be worse if I actually had the job I was trying to plan my schedule around (I have no officially failed at that). I am now taking Family History and Genealogy (at a different time) and Legal Aspects and Risk Management in Leisure Services. I dropped Management of Recreation Services which I thought was a prerequisite for Legal Aspects. Well, it is, but not one I have to take. Yeah, that's what I said.

So I still have five credits, my classes start (and run) two hours later and for some reason my Legal Aspects professor is going to be out of town for three weeks.

My very first day at BYU someone told me that by the time I was a Senior I would be stopping in the halls to talk to someone every five minutes. Last Friday I was recalling that and wondering at how I hadn't seen anyone I knew. Well, I've seen lots of people I know now. I just ran into Mike, aka Wall, from my Shakespeare class and Amy, from past and present RMYL classes. We had a lovely chat in the Bookstore. It seems like there are very few boys in RMYL classes and that most of the girls are married. Actually, I don't think all these girls were married when I had them in classes last Summer and Fall. I also saw Cassie Taylor, Cami and two guys from my Sophomore ward.

I have been having lots of fun with my roommates and hanging out in the ward and stuff. We have church at 140 which is an awful time, but the ward is really fun and there are lots and lots of cute guys. We went next door on Saturday night and played lots of games (mostly the kind that offer lame excuses to sit on each others laps or hold hands or laugh at each other). It was a ton of fun. Last night was ward prayer and that was pretty fun too. We hear this is a pretty social ward. My roommates are great. I've actually met them all now. Michelle (22), Angela (21), Laurie (20), Colette (20) and Kyra (17). Laurie is my roommate and keeps going home. Coincidentally enough she is Good Friends with a young man from my freshman ward who just finished a mission to Romania. I tried to teach her something to say to him in Romanian (he got up here last night to start school today) but I wasn't so successful.

I am having a blast. Oh yeah. I get to return the book I bought for the class I dropped and then I'll have spent aproximately $11 on books this semester. woo hoo!


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