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: The Five-Minute Crush Story Ok. So how often do you like a guy and he calls you and asks you out on a date? Ok say you develop a crush on a guy and he calls you that night. Say he barely knows you- say you've only been living in that state for five days. Like NEVER, huh? It's never happened to me at least. Well, guess what? I've got a date!

I got a tiny crush on him at approximately 928PM, told my roommates at about 933, he came over around 1115, and talked to my roommate a lot (one who didn't know about my crush), I decided he had a little crush on her and got my crush over with, then he calls at 1205 and asks me out. Turns out he came over to ask me out but there were like a billion people in our apartment. So he went home and called me. Isn't that sweet? And I thought it was going to be one of those little crushes you have on the boys who'll never ask you out and can barely remember your name. I've made one (1) friend!


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