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: Disco-ing was pretty fun. Not as fun as I expected it to be, but more fun than it would have been if I hadn't expected it to be fun. I ended up going with Shelley and Kyra. I skate about as badly as I thought I did, but I didn't fall at all, and we spent the last hour dancing away. There was a nice display of my clothes (on me, Shelley, Kyra, and Kevin), more than one item of which was inherited from Aunt Carolyn.

I had fun getting the rats out of my hair. Sadly, I wasn't even the person with the biggest hair at the disco. My feet hurt. Luckily we don't have church for another 12 1/2 hours. Kyra and I are making cookies before church, and tacos afterwards, for our apartment.

: Today being the fifth Sunday in the month of June, Relief Society and Elder's Quorum were combined and we had a lesson on... memories, love, dating and marriage!!! I find it interesting that in the two weeks I've been in this ward there have been three appearances by members of the Stake Presidency. However, Angela assures me that it's never happened before. Oh, and I found out that the official title of the Thursday night Institute class is "Finding your Eternal Companion through Friendshipping." No, really.

: Kyra and I lingered 2 hours longer at Linger Longer. I got to talk to Kevin a lot- even more than I did on our date. He was telling me how he calls his grandma- that's so cute! It's barely midnight, but I'm going to be up until past 130 again. As usual.


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