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: Today I went to see Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood (by myself). Then, while gardening, I managed to lock myself out of the house (and into the backyard). Then, not two minutes later, I brought half the pot-holder-upper thingy down. Gretel and I had a lovely walkies today. It was just nice. I made her some eggs and she pulled the rug over the bowl. When I kicked the rug off, she started eating, but now the bowl is nowhere to be found. I picked up all the chewed up zucchini from yesterday though.

We have the kind of garbage disposal we had my freshman year at college. You would think that the garbage disposal not turning off would be classified as at least semi-emergency, but maintenance didn't come to fix it for at least a month later, after we had also broken the breaker by using it to turn the disposal on and off. At the end of the year I made cookies for a guy in exchange for his help in cleaning it out and he found an earring of Alaina's. Those were the days of many appliance adventures. *sigh*


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