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: Tonight I missed my kids, watched Kyra cut Brandon's hair, and hung out with Cody. I went to buy some new pants, but instead I ruined my old ones by spilling melted, grape-flavored, sparkly chapstick on them. I'm actually more sad about the chapstick. So Kyra and I are going to go shopping tomorrow and I'm actually going to buy some pants. Then I'm going to go play the piano on campus, make up a workshop and take my FH test. Then we're going to Institute. Maybe I'll hang out with Cody tomorrow night too.

Oh yeah, I asked out this guy Jon on a date. Actually, I had to, it was my part of the 25 cent dare (long story which resulted in Kyra and I getting home at 330 Monday morning). I had to ask out one of Brandon's roommates, and today Jon (the cutest one) showed up at our door and I said "hey you wanna go out with me?" and he said "sure, I don't see why not." So we're going out next weekend when he gets back into town. That means I have to plan a date and not have a boyfriend by then.

Also, Kevin came by to return the pants he borrowed. He ironed them. He irons almost everyday, he told me last night at a party at my house. Shortly thereafter I discovered we do indeed have an iron, which is good in case I ever decide to wear (or wash) either of my two items of clothing that require ironing.

: I feel very productive today, which is important. Then I don't get so bored. I got up and Kyra and I went shopping. I got a red shirt and a pair of jeans at DI ($10) and a pair of jeans at the mall ($8). Then I went on campus. I played the piano in the HFAC, then I ran into Shelley and we talked about boys for a while. Then I took my FH test (100%!!!), did some quick assignments in the lab and then attended the workshop which was cancelled on Monday. Now I am home and I have a piece of grass in my hair and I'm going to Institute with Kyra in a couple hours.


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