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: Institute was good. It totally confused me about my relationships though. Then I went in the hot tub with Cody and Kris (and 500 other people) and we ate some chicken and sat around talking until 120 with a bunch of other people in the ward.

I tried to get a guy (Casey) (who heard rumors that Cody and I "hang out a lot") to ask Kyra out for next weekend (she doesn't ask boys out) so they could go with me and Jon. Casey, Kyra and I have this joke about how much we love him but he's too good for us because he only dates ugly women. (One time he was in the parking lot when Kyra and I got out of the car singing "if you want to be happy for the rest of your life..." He agrees.) Unfortunately, he's busy, but then Luke, overhearing, asked her out, so she "gets" to come anyway.


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