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: Yeah, today was a great day. I got up fairly early, and made a quick visit to the cemetary. Church was pretty good; I learned something at least. Then as soon as I walked in the door, Liz called. She came over and we talked forever. She's going to go to Becky's reception in Idaho with me. Then I went to Cody's on my way home from walking her out and hung out with him and/or his roommates the rest of the night. He blames me for keeping him up late. Me!

I have quite a bit of homework to do this week. I need to get started on my project for FH. The Call Reunion is next week; luckily it's Pioneer day and my RMYL class is also cancelled on Friday, so I only have classes on Monday of that week. But I have to live through this week first. Maybe I will get a job. Maybe I will get some mail. Maybe I will get some homework done. What A Concept.

: Oops this accidentally got posted twice. Hi. It's 141 AM. You should be in bed. I should be too. Goodnight (I said good morning to two people on the way to church at 130 PM so I can still say goodnight). (So there).

: I'm going to Salt Lake City tomorrow morning.

I wish I had a printer to print out my genealogy. I had to copy what I thought I'd need by hand. I wish I had more time to sleep. I wish the two papers I have due on Wednesday were written. I wish I could still be here for when my Express Mail letter comes. Oh well.

I have to go to Salt Lake to do my work because the Utah Valley Regional Family History Center doesn't have Arkansas marriage records on microfilm, not that I know how to use a microfilm or anything. I did learn how to find them today though. In seven hours I'm going to Salt Lake with Cody. And his family. To do genealogy. Yeah, that's what I said. We just got done watching Moulin Rouge (and staying over a tad past curfew (she still wasn't dead when we finally turned it off)).

I had a good day. I think.


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