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: Class. um... I can't remember what I did all evening. This guy, Josh, in the ward came over and visited for a while. I did laundry. Oh yeah, I took a nap on the couch. Well, that only leaves three hours unaccounted for. I probably spent it gossiping with my roommates. We played with this Tinkerbell addicting annoying light thingy Michelle brought back from Disneyland, planned our weekend (Angela's birthday, who's not sleeping over at the Enrichment sleepover on Friday, and dates on Saturday night). Yeah, I can see how that took up three hours of my life.

Michelle and I had some dinner (we've eaten the entire cake) together. I got coerced into praying over our pizza in Romanian last night (the first prayer I ever said aloud in Romanian) so tonight Michelle prayed in Spanish. Michelle: It's so bad to laugh during a prayer. I'm surprised you didn't get smoted. Susie: What does "smoted" mean? Michelle: I don't know, but it's BAD.

I'm not sure if I was eating dinner again or still in the same spot when Cody and John came over and we hung out and then we went to the store and then to Cody's and his roommate was in the ER and we hung out in the parking lot until 130. *silly Michelle laugh to punctuate that* *hehe*

I feel like I should be more tired than I am, considering what time it is. BTW, I ran into Melanie (Cody's roommate's girlfriend) on the way home from finding Kyra (she was out late, alone, and upset) and Marshall (Cody's roommate) is still living and going to be ok. Food poisoning.


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