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: Trauma at our house. We were all very grateful for roommates at Happy Thought last night. Laurie spent the whole night entertaining me. And it's always nice to come home to five girls who'll either listen, tell you what to do, curse the boy, be happy for you or just hug you, whether you just got broken up with or your hand held for the first time.

On the bright side, I talked to Aly last night. On the less bright side of that, Joe is in California. Today is Shelley's birthday so I'd better stop by. Maybe she'll go on my date for me Saturday night (longest dumbest story ever). Grr. AND my (second) ethernet converter broke. However, I am prepared to get my $60 back this time. Late to class. ~today is a great day today is a great day today is- what?~

: Yeah, I was lying. Today sucks.

: Today doesn't suck so bad after all!


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