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: So last night for FHE we played various school-yard games and then ate popsicles. Then Kyra and I watched Rush Hour with Cody and Kris, some guys from our FHE group. Well, we got mostly through the movie when the power started flipping off and on... and off and on for about five or ten minutes. Then it just stayed off. The pigeon holes we live in are pitch black, and although we had flashlights and lit some candles, it was much more fun to go sit outside on the grass and watch the firetrucks. Yes, there is a fire, but it's on the mountain. The firetrucks down here were just shining light on the blown fusebox down the street.

The power was only actually off for 45 minutes or so, but we just stayed outside, eating grass, flirting and meeting people. There were at least 3 other blocks without power, probably more since the four I saw were all on one side of the broken line. It was pretty exciting.

Today I am going to visit Maria. But first I must find some breakfast. *forage*

: Today I went to see Maria and had fun with her and her cute kids. Then I did Family History until Cody came over and we hung out until 1200. We're watching a movie now, as usual, which means I'll have to get up tomorrow and do my little genealogy assignment.


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