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: More general trauma. Last night we had a sleepover for Enrichment. We learned that guys like low-maintenance and got taught how to have self-confidence (marry a guy who compliments you in front of 50 other girls). Me and my roommates had Happy Thought during a lull in the activities (once again we're all very grateful for roommates to go through things with) and then four of us came home, before any girl gossip or makeovers or such.

We watched part of "The X-files" and "Mulan". Michelle: She didn't go to Enrichment tonight. Kyra: That's what I was thinking. We should have invited her. Michelle: "This is my friend Mulan." We cuddled. We went to bed early.

Today I have a paper to write and a lunch party for my roommate. Happy Birthday, Angela!

: Just got back from lunch *yummy*. Kyra and I have big plans to wash my car when she gets back from her DTR. Collette went to see MIB2 with our hometeacher. I really want to go see it, but I still have my paper to write, and I'm sure she didn't really want me to go. All six of us have hot dates tonight- the hottest ever. Kyra and I even cancelled our other dates to make it to this one.

Susie: You're like, she comes in and steals all the guys in the ward. Michelle: I am so jealous.

Wrote this entry three hours ago. Kyra and I had to make a return trip to Target, for the same reason we went this morning. We're psycho (that's my latest word). I still haven't written my paper. Now is my last chance without getting up psycho (see?) early on Monday, so here I go.

: We just got back from bowling. It was so much fun! I ran into Arly and Kelinda. Arly seems to go on a lot of dates. Me, Laurie, Kyra, and Angela went, with Kris and Josh, some guys in our ward. Angela and I tied with 87, I tripped twice, but didn't actually fall, and I didn't fling the bowling ball in the wrong direction. Afterwards I challenged Kris to a game of Skeeball, which I won, due to some random scoring system it has. We both got Pixiestix out of it though.

Bowling would be boring if I weren't so hyper. Kris said my victory dances were cute. Josh doesn't use the word "cute". So what does he use? Josh: All of 107 is [totally] adorable.

We made several attempts at covering the nakedness of our apartment. Mommy is bringing up stuff for me, and we all put pictures of our family out, and some things on the wall. We bought 11 pictures frames at Target today (and 3 yesterday). It almost looks like a home! Also, yesterday I got a postcard from my sis, of people kissing in Paris. It's in a frame. I am beginning to realize the glory of picture frames. Laurie says I can't leave the room until I have two pages of my paper written. I love roommates!


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