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: Bishop Egan, who was my bishop for my first two years of college, is speaking at the BYU Forum on Tuesday. He's the guy that gave me tickets to two General Conferences and a Christmas Devotional, and took me and Melissa out to ice cream when we'd been on the kitchen floor bawling all night, and insisted I teach Gospel Doctrine. He even signed my Ecclesiastical Endorsement when I hadn't attended all three church meetings on the same day for five months. I think that was also the ward where no more than three people of the same gender were allowed to sit in a row during Sacrament meeting.

Mie mi-e dor de copiii mei si de serviciul meu si de lucrul meu. Si mi-e dor de chips-uri cu smantana si ceapa! As dori sa intoarc la Romania si vorbesc cu copiii mei s-i iau in brate mele. Mi-e dor de ei. Dar nu am destul de bani, si nu-i timpul bun. Dar... intro-zi. O sa merg inapoi.


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