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: I'm really tired. I'm covered in bug bites from tonight's adventures. I bonded with someone over stress and anxiety disorders. I hung out with Liz for a bit, and Maria called me. It's 230 and I am getting up relatively early tomorrow to hang out with fellow ex-BYU 13th warders and I'm already super tired so, of course, I ought to go to bed and, of course, I'm not. I can hear Nate saying (IMing) "just go to bed Susie" like he'd always do when I get like this (tired and not sleeping). Laurie says I'm numb. I love my roommates.

: Well the past 12 hours have been very exciting. I slept for 7 of them, then I had Hamburger Helper for breakfast (I also had that for dinner twice yesterday). I wrote in my journal outside in the hotness, went to the Forum, and then went to the UVRFHC to do some homework. There I ran into Jen. I can't think of a time I ran into Jen somewhere that wasn't in the library or nearby. Anyway, we had a lovely talk. She is somewhat less desperately missing a boy than the the last time I saw her (and met him) and is looking quite cute. I found Isam P. in the 1880 Missouri census then I came home, did a cross-word puzzle and balanced my checkbook. Azi am nevoie de o pauza, asa ca Collette (a dormit foarte mult noapte ier). Poate mai tarziu, voi merge sus sa fac... . Am nevoie sa fac asa. Asa!

: mmm nap.


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