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: What an interesting day. It's hard to believe I spent most of it at home. 15 hours of naps went on at my apartment today. There was also a lot of DTR-ing-- a little too much actually. Oh yeah I remember what I did all day; Kris came over after my second nap. We chatted for quite a while. I learned how to check stuff inside my car. I watched part of a movie. Spent a lot of time talking with roommates and boys who were trying to figure things out.

Kyra and I each did the entire Daily Universe crossword puzzle today. Susie: That was a joke? Kyra: You were laughing weren't you? Susie: I was laughing at you. On Sunday I wore the "silly" shirt and lots of people said it was cute. I was only wearing it because the two shirts I'd put on before that both got attacked by the oil pastel drawing hung above our couch. The shirt I wore today was also attacked, but the effect was less on bright pink than on the two white shirts I wore Sunday.

Things have calmed down (well everyone is trying to sleep and Laurie is out of town) so I've just been sitting in my room reading scriptures and thinking. I read my "english scriptures" today, as I call them. I've got a ton to do tomorrow, very dependent on how serious this holiday thing is going to be. Interesting.

: Watched "Kate and Leopold." Visited. Studied. That's about it. It was a really good day though, a day of rest. I didn't get as much done as I was planning on, because of some technological difficulties, and that makes tomorrow morning rather busy. I also forgot about the religion test I have to take. However, I should be finished with everything around 2 and then I can come home and clean and chill before mommy gets here tomorrow night.


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