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: Sleepy Susie. Got up "early" to go out to breakfast with Mom and Brianne, who are now on their way to Mesquite. I've got just enough time for a kitty nap before class. I was up late letting my life get even more confusing. I hate boys. Oh well. I'm leaving it alone to fix itself.

Our furniture is outside in the hallway and our carpet is ripped out. Not too big of a deal this time, but they're redoing the carpet in our bedrooms on Wednesday and we have to move everything out. Stinky. Hopefully I am getting pictures developed today. yay!

: Our house sounds all hollow without carpet or anything. I noticed this while singing in the freezer. This entry is really just to say that I love Jon, so he feels special. I can think of four Jons I've talked about before, but this one knows who he is. This is my favorite about this Jon.

: Very long day. I wore the same clothes all day. Two naps. Two trips to the hot tub. Two boxes of packaged pasta products. Two hours quilting at FHE. Two days until Kristen's wedding. Two weeks until school's done. Two weeks to spend at home. Two semesters left of college. Too many loud annoying comments coming from one of my roommates.


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