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: I sure said a lot of funny things today, considering how quiet everyone said I was being during FHE. Actually, shower thing was yesterday, and believe it or not, I was defending myself. Susie: I don't even shower every day. Susie: Michelle is attacking me with a cheese grater! Susie: It was normal. Like, normal normal. Not just normal for us, like, human being normal. Five minutes later, Susie randomly starts trying to explain more: I mean it was normal... not just a psycho-user-boy relationship.

I'm a button! (not related)

Mark (this summer): I'm a purple belt, that's 6th out of nine. Susie: Wow, that's good... I'd probably be a pink belt.

: Sister Doxey: Instrestingly enough we can learn things that aren't on tests. Random signs on UVSC campus: STAY OFF BERM Sticker found in my bag: HELLO my name is Susie Richardson (Lorna's granddaughter)

Woke up [very late] to the smell of new carpet. Bought stamps. Finished all assignments for Summer term. Today Kyra and I are getting film developed and going shopping. Lisa called me. She is in Utah and we are going to Kristen's wedding on Thursday. I wonder if I'm supposed to bring a date.


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