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: This being only my second (official) Saturday here, I managed to forget that we have cleaning checks every week. Isn't that awesome! Every week, the whole apartment has to be vacuumed and Shower Powered. Three of my roommates are out of town (still), two of them left notes for the cleaning person, and one of them has just disappeared, which isn't good since she failed last week's cleaning check for the same reason. "They" threaten to actually do something if you fail three of them.

So I need to go clean the "Right Bathroom." We have two bathrooms. Have I mentioned that yet? I wrote Case Study #2 today. (That's some homework I have.) Michelle and I sat out by the pool yesterday. I rather haphazardly slapped on a bit of sunscreen and then toasted. Now I have smeary non-sunburnt spots on my shoulders, while my upper arms and neck are much pinker. Interesting.

This week I am actually going to go look for a job. I've been looking, but not going. If nothing better comes up, I'm moving to Belgium next Summer to work for the US Army.


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