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: Today was a good day, except for when my roommate got hit in the face with a baseball, which happened to be originally thrown by me. Actually, digging the baseball out of the bushes to play with it in the first place wasn't so fun, and the two hours we spent trying to find someone to put her teeth back in wasn't very fun either. Luckily, the ER eventually found us a very nice young man (a dentist), who let us lie around on the floor while he took his turn mopping up the blood. That was when I discovered how badly those bushes got me.

Anyway, so after talking to my mommy (Someone Very Important told me to ask my family about any decisions I have to make), and crying on my (other) roommate's shoulder, I hung out with Cody for a bit (not Kevin, we're friends) (ok Cody and I are friends too, but I'm not sure what kind) (ok like two hours) and now I'm going to go to bed because I feel really sick and it's been a long day and driving all over Provo with bloody teeth in my hot car really didn't help that any.


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