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: Ok, so I'm in Texas. I feel the need to relate the drive up with Joe to our Texas roadtrip (don't have the ability to find the link right now) for Alyson's wedding a couple years back. Here are some dumb signs I saw.

Form one line (Texas). Nathan and his brother (Everett) decided with me that it's because people are too stupid to learn what Merge means. Don't touch power lines! (Billboards throughout New Mexico). We found it somewhat scary they felt the need to warn people. Also, once upon a time Leonard and I decided that there could be no better way to phrase Gusty winds may exist but on my drive to California on Wednesday, I saw Gusy wind area, which I felt was much better. Also: Kabuki a Japanese restaurant.

So... I'm in Texas. Kinda random. I spent last night trying to insist that I'm no longer the kind of person who randomly drives to a different state. Unfortunately, the fact that I woke up in Utah Wednesday, California Thursday, New Mexico Friday and Texas this morning hindered my disputing.

I'm having fun though. We played minature golf today at a place with little animals, kinda like a zoo except they weren't real animals and I don't know any zoos with that many elephants or giraffes. I somehow made three hole-in-ones, although I lost overall with 52 points.

Well, I don't know what else to say. I'm staying here (at Nate's house, near Dallas) until Thursday when I'm flying back to California. I'm probably going to stay home longer than I planned to have some more time with my mommy, although I was supposed to move out of my apartment today. Hehe. Yeah, dispite any arguments I may give my randomness has not gone down since my freshman year. In fact, it may have even gotten worse (better??)


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