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: Today we went to Dallas. We went to the top of the largest building (the 69th floor) and everyone was all dressed up and there were signs that said "members only" so we got back into the elevator and went back down. We walked over to the Reunion Tower and then turned around and walked all the way back and ate lunch and then walked all the way back again and went to the top, after I stopped feeling sick from lunch. We didn't take the stairs down, although I wanted to, because there was a big fat "tresspasers will be prosecuted" sign painted on the stairwell, and it's Texas, I didn't want to be shot. Also got a parking ticket for not paying, although we paid. Jerks.

Got an email saying my ecclesiastical endorsement (the second one for this year!) is invalid. Again, jerks. Tomorrow... Well I don't know what we're doing. But it's going to be fun! I am having fun here, can't believe it's already over. Back to school soon, bleh. Well, at least I'll get some time to recover at home first, and be with my mommy some. I love you mommy!


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