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: Went ice skating yesterday. I'm really sore today, from skating and from falling and from wearing the skates in the first place.

I just got home and I am so tired. I've only ben up 19 hours or so, and it's not like I've been doing anything but sometimes that's the most tiring.

Airplane Adventures First we went to the wrong airport. Are people really that dumb? Apparently, that would be us. Luckily it only took us 20 minutes to find and get to the correct one. I met a very interesting lady in ABQ. She had broken her ankle boarding a flight four hours earlier and was getting ready to try again. We had a long chat about love, life, and getting the most out of both. She was hilarious. I got randomly selected to be searched by two hilarious black ladies. One of them was setting the beeper off on the other girl's earring. When they asked me how old I was, I forgot. Is that unusual? Everything I was wearing beeped, right down to the gum wrapper in my pocket. Apparently, overalls aren't the best thing to wear to the airport.

Both of my flights arrived early, and luckily so did my mommy. Sat in lots of traffic, even after avoiding the 405, went to that yummy Chinese restaurant in Valencia, and spent three hours at a scrapbooking party, when I really wanted to be at home in bed.

Now I have finally excavated my bed *ok the cat just landed on my face* and I'm going to it.

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