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: Yesterday: read one and 4/5 novels. Left my class early to read. Went to the hot tub with Kyra. Hung out with Josh. Went to bed (I spent most of the day reading).

Some guy in the hot tub: Bakersfield... Utah? Josh: Jezzebels, keeping me up late. Susie and Kyra: Hey! Josh: Adorable Jezzebels.

Today: Food. Pool. I really don't have anything else to do.

: Got a letter from Elder Whitney today (and yesterday) and also a letter of acceptance into my major. I talked to Travis a couple of times today and I noticed he remembered the author of the books I'd been reading. Stacy, Laurie and I were talking earlier about the things that we remember. Interesting.

I'm going home next Wednesday, after my finals. My roommates and I were just discussing at Happy Thought the concept of Provo as home. Like everyone else, I never thought I'd miss Provo. I guess this is just where the party's at.


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