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: Today was full of reading and flirting at the pool. I got invited to go to three different movies I didn't want to see, so I ended up staying home and, of course, reading. I'm on page 202 of the eighth book in the past week. Michelle and I bought some expensive ice cream (our mutual favorite is mint chip, but we decided for chocolate fudge brownie swirled with cherry garcia). Kyra: Oh, you guys are eating ice cream... Are you okay?

John, to Susie, looking through rose-colored bat glasses (a Happy Meal toy): You look good in pink. Laurie, cheering Susie on about a 69 cent box of Rice-a-Roni: Way to splurge, way to splurge!

Tomorrow I'm supposed to go on a date in the afternoon and we have the ward basketball tournament I am supporting in the morning. Then I'll probably read and chill at the pool some.


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